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What You Do With The NO Can Inspire The Yes!


“Trust only movement.  Life happens at the level of events, not of words.  Trust movement”.  Alfred Adler

There is nothing more power provoking than action. Doing things that create energy, intention and movement are always better than being still, stuck and stagnant.


What would have happened had Susan B Anthony, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Picasso or Steve Jobs had stopped at the first or second NO?

NO is the greatest opportunity and negotiation one can be given. It rarely means NO never. It always means NO not this way, or NO not at this time or NO it’s not meant to be with these people.

In business, what you do with the NO will really set you apart in building your sales and critical thinking skills. Open your mind to more options, possibilities and potential and develop your perseverance!

Don’t give up because someone says no, but  don’t continue unless someone or something is a great opportunity or prospect to develop. How do you qualify that? I wrote a article about Qualifying Opportunity and Potential in Sales as part of a sales series. Check out the 5 criteria I suggest for qualifying.

I am sure that was why I was an award winning sales professional in my prior 23 year broadcast radio career. The NO for me was a turn on, an opportunity to think more about the what and how I could inspire the YES.

What are you doing with the no to inspire the yes?

Go deeper, wider, further to discover what can inspire the yes! It is definitely there.

Action creates movement and momentum.  The actions we take are  not usually a straight line but rather a meandering path that  leads you toward a yes. Enjoy the journey, smell the roses, do some exploring along the way and please don’t give up on the first NO!

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