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Executive Coach's Tip: Making It Easy to Adopt a New Habit

Eat Healthy Reminder

Old habits are hard to break, and new habits are tough to adopt and sustain.  Old news .... heard that before.  So, what to do?

MAKE IT EASY to adopt a new habit and use that NEW habit to REPLACE an OLD habit.  Use visual cues, reminders, prompts, advance preparation .... seek out CREATIVE ways to "cue" your new habit and help make it stick.

Consider the following "make it easy" ideas:

  • Handy supply. If you're trying to eat healthier, keep healthy snacks at your desk, in your car, in your line of site on the kitchen counter, in your pocketbook or briefcase.  Ideas include bananas, apples, nuts, healthy energy bars, etc.
  • Ready to go. Lay out your workout clothes the night before.  Make it to rise early, jump into your workout clothes and go.
  • Use checklists.  If your new habit involves multiple steps, then make it easy for yourself by creating and using a checklist.  Keep the checklist handy and readily accessible.
  • Always available.  Adopting a reading habit? Keep books by your bedsite, next to your favorite chair at home, on your iPad/Kindle.  Keep audio books available for your car.
  • Handy supply. Keep blank "thank you" cards on your desk and visible.  Developing a habit of regularly writing thank you notes is easier to remember if the tools you use are in your line of site daily.

What NEW habits are you trying to adopt?  What is ONE VISUAL CUE idea you have to help make one of those new habits stick?

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Today's Daily Quote

I eventually like organizing planning, and systemizing factors....

I eventually like organizing planning, and systemizing factors. It’s actually entertaining for me personally. So, once I possess a task, I consider great satisfaction and pleasure in breaking down and reverse-engineering all of the sub-projects, tasks, and goals to accomplish to make sure the project gets completed “by the due date, in specification, and at or under budget”. “Purchase” is one among my values, and that I want it when things operate smoothly. Projectmanagement is truly loved by me, and that ability was cultivated, formulated and honored inside my time in the military and corporate America.

By the way, the contrary of project management is Continuity Management - when you’re continuously “placing out shoots” and reacting vs. answering points. So if you haven’t cultivated discipline and the talent of project-management, you probably get spending a great deal of vitality “ fighting fires” and coping with desperation much more than you may favor.

The American history has of the worst recessions of the recent past one inside. The shoppers leaped after trying to find fresh debt reduction plans and identified it tough to repay the obligations as well as the loans. Personal credit card debt gave every National nightmares. These were struggling to pay on improving using the period their expenses which kept. Bankruptcy became a common solution to deal even though that it results in irreparable damage later, with the situation. In 2005 laws were produced which managed to get burdensome for the borrowers to assert themselves as bankrupt. Your debt relief and debt settlements were significantly favored by the collectors as ‘bankruptcy’ quit them empty-handed.

Don’t unafraid to ask a hosting firm that is possible where their hosts are located, or just how many people are on the staff. I’ve reported in other posts it is vitally important for many businesses to have a Malaysia Business Continuity Management Approach. Whenever they have one, ask your likely hosting company. Question them if a fire is within their host complex, what goes on FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS. And don’t unafraid to question them when the operator gets, what happens towards the business hit by a beer truck in route to function. It happens.

Do they’ve a non discipline plan? Consult to determine what there plan on restraints are? Is there an insurance policy? Just how do they handle outburst and meltdowns? Do the team have right coaching on actions that are redirecting? Do they just employ good supports? Positive reinforcement’s use is the perfect choice to get an after-school program with a non restraint plan.

Business Continuity Idea: Quit everything today and Google “ daily pc copy that is secure that is intelligent ” and the title of state or your land. Look for a support at the top of the organic results (not the ads over the right hand side as well as in the box towards the top) that fits the conditions on my “Supreme, No Brainer Computer Backup Wishlist”, and join today to really get your company computers instantly backing up to safe offsite hosts every single day.

It’s also advisable to possess the option to stop the commitment whenever you have to. They need to even be ready to repair any troubles because they happen quickly. Their approach to IT situations should be a variable and practical one. Your IT equipment is likely to be within the proper palms with the mixture of procedures, staff and tools that a managed IT organization supplier offers you. Every organization should think of employing this company. They provide an incredibly cost effective substitute for your IT issues.

By following these guidelines, it is possible to lessen the chance of this type of predicament disrupting your business functions. You may be back online in just a subject of hours, instead of days or weeks, if something bad does happen.

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