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Look around, the most powerful social media site in the world for business networking is LinkedIn. Ask anyone and they will tell you it is LinkedIn whether or not they are actually on LinkedIn.

Just to give you an idea of the power, I will share with you some basic facts:
LinkedIn was founded in 2003.
In month one LinkedIn had 4,500 users.
Today, there are over 200 million users on LinkedIn worldwide and over half of those users are in the United States.

Here are the number of connections I have on LinkedIn worldwide today:
I have 23,800 first degree connections and 27,755,719+ in my network
My connections two degrees away are 8,475,193+
My group connections total 1,286,304+

Since August 23 (3 days ago) I have 86,331 NEW people in my network.

WOW! I find this totally amazing and so powerful.

In addition, the power of LinkedIn is not so much in your first degree connections but in your second degree connections. Once you are connected to someone, you then have a connection to their contacts. You can meet or get introduced to just about anyone on LinkedIn with a little effort.

If you are not using LinkedIn right now or using it to it's fullest potential, it is not too late to get started and experienced the power.


About the Author:  Carrie Robinson is a Certified Online Professional Networking Strategist, Career Coach and Contributing Author for the Career Success Community.

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