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I think the company is one that is considerate of contacting referrals. You put yourself on their radar and upcoming opportunities. They took the time to call and talk...says a lot about their culture. This is the pulse of networking...the early bird gets the worm. It appears they have had several recent hires so you may have to wait until a next hiring round and sounds like you are in the pipeline.
Howard, I definitely agree with your philosophy and strategy. Lots of jobs that ARE available are NEVER even posted on line (or anywhere else) -- those jobs get filled through networking efforts, referrals and pipeline management.

Target the companies you're interested in (need to have a decent-sized list); network into those companies with LinkedIn or through your existing contacts; present yourself in compelling way -- targeting your value proposition against their likely (or known) needs; show passion, enthusiasm and interest; and prepare, prepare, prepare for ALL interviews.

Hi Howard,

I guess I should have asked my question first before spouting off. LOL. You did a great thing reaching out to the company. In your case it was more of an informational interview to discover if there is a need. That's awesome! I totally agree with doing that and have done so in the past. You never know where it might lead.

Thanks for sharing.



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