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This is a nice feature. To my knowledge, you are the first Ning group manager to offer this.
Hi, Thanks Marleen. We definitely want to encourage our members to ask us any question that is on their mind. Having a safe place to ask those questions is important to us. Best regards....
Yes, it is a great way to get people to ask questions.
I just finished a phone interview with a small, boutique-sized management consulting firm only to find out that they didn't have an immediate need to bring anyone on at the present time, but wanted to start the relationship in the event that something in there pipeline were to open up. Is this a good sign or a don't call us, we'll call you?
I am not sure but I would follow-up with a Thank You email expressing continued interest. Consulting firms, particularly boutique consulting firms, take a proactive approach to hiring. They want to be ready to hire when the deals come in. If you connect with people who work for the firm on LinkedIn, you could ask them what their hiring process is.
Good advice. I wasn't sure either, but I plan to at least nurture the relationship that has started.
Howard, this is not too uncommon at all with small firms; it's part of their recruiting "pipeline" management process. One great question to ask in follow up to their statement is this: "If a position were to open up next week or next month that aligned with my experience, I am the type of candidate you would seriously consider for the position?" Followed by .... "Is there anything about me or my background that raises any question as to my "fit" into your firm?" Then .... reiterate your strong level of interest (if that is the case).

Go ahead and connect with the person or persons you interviewed with through LinkedIn. If you then use LinkedIn's "Network Status Update" feature on a regular basis to communicate helpful/relevant information to your connects, those individuals you interviewed with will see it and you'll do a better job of staying on their radar screen.

Hope that helps.
Thanks Andy! I did establish enough of a relationship to connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn, along with a couple of others. Your advice is the plan is what I was already prepared to follow. I'm glad to know I was on the right track.
Perfect Howard. Please know that you can always reach out to any of us here in the Community to talk about strategies, tactics and ideas. All of us here in the Community are in the career advancement process together. Best to you.... Andy
Thanks Andy!

I am curious. Were you the one to seeking out the consulting firm or were you responding to a job post. If it is the latter, this is a common practice for companies to post jobs that they don’t have an opening for. I have strong feelings about that practice, and I don’t like it one bit. Just my opinion, but I feel that it is false advertising and they are just trying to collect resumes. I know some will disagree with me (and that’s okay) but I view it as a waste of my time if I thought they were hiring.

It is a total different story if I/you contact a company to setup a networking meeting or to inquire if they have any opportunities. In that case, I would not mind interviewing because I know there is no job right now.

What are your thoughts?
Hi Marleen,

I was told about this company through a former co-worker that thought I might be a good fit. In an effort to establish a relationship I made a LinkedIn connection with a manager in the company who, in turn, forwarded my resume to HR. HR then contacted me several weeks later. So I guess you could say I put myself on the radar, but I did not apply to a job posting.

I do understand what you are saying as far as companies putting job postings out there knowing that they are not going to hire anyone at the time. Frankly, I do not like that tactic either. When needing a job, the last thing you want to do is interview and wait, wait and wait.

However, to positively spin it, if you continue to work at establishing relationships, researching companies and working your network to see who may be connected with companies you want to work for it can eventually work to your advantage, even if companies play the "warm pool of candidates" game. At least I'm in several pools at the same time. Something has to give at some point.

Anyone agree or has any additional advice or insight?



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