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Before you read the article below, search on yourself in LinkedIn.  If you don't pop up on the first page of your search, make sure you READ this article.  The title of it catches your attention because it is a bit harsh but once you read it, it makes total sense.

FYI - I search on myself at least once a month to make sure I pop up close to the top of the heap.  I continually tweak my profile to make sure I land there.

LinkedIn Profiles Are Worthless, If People Can't Find You by Brad Remillard ===> Link to article:

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Hi Carrie,

This is a great article. Thanks for sharing it with us. Before reading, I searched for my name. I came up on the first page. I have to admit that only two people on LinkedIn (one being me) have my exact first and last name, so I guess that's why I showed up on the first page. People find me on LinkedIn all the time and I think that is mainly due to my group participation. Other people find me via keyword searches but I don't know if they saw me on the first page or not. I decided to do a search for UNIX Systems Administrator and found that I did not land on the first page. Now I am reviewing the profiles of people that did land on the first page so that I can make changes to my profile. Thanks for making me aware.

P.S. I shared your post with a few LinkedIn groups.
Great, this is so key, let me know how it works. If you have problems, I can look at your profile and give more ideas. Thanks! Carrie
Thanks, Carrie. If I use the first page people as my example, I will be able to duplicate efforts and then retry search again.
Wow, Ricardo, if you came up on page 3 and there are 700 other, that's actually good.

For me, it is not my name that I care to be found (as you can see I don't use my last name here or in other social networking sites. Many times I use an alias. Not trying to brand my name), I want people to find me when they are searching for certain skill sets. I love it when a Recruiter or hiring manager contacts me on LinkedIn to say they were looking for someone with experience in xyz and came across my name. Those are the searches I want to come up in.

Thanks, RIcardo. We think alike...I have/had a group that I created with more than 600 members. It afforded me many opportunities and it was originally created to help others. I was shocked when opportunities came my way. I have since transitioned the group to someone else due to other obligations. I don't want to bore you with details. LOL
Oh boy, I am chuckling at what my group could potentially be called. "Jacquelyn of All Trades",lol... Yesterday, I tweaked my profile again.
Ricardo, please check out the LinkedIn Group here in Career Success. Would love for you to share your ideas. Thanks, Carrie
Do you have a middle name? I am in LInkedIn with my maiden name as my middle name. Don't know if this would help you or not, but I do think the group idea is good. It also helps to have other links so that the search engines can find you better as well. That improves your ranking . Jason Alba has a lot of great tips too. His book: I'm on LinkedIn, Now What is really helpful:
Also, Lewis Howes is on LinkedIn and he is great...he has many free webinars and gives great advice.
Ricardo - Could you add just one more name? lol

Here is Lewis' website: We also have him in the archives in interview with Lewis Howes --- fantastic interview. I will get Andy to feature it again.



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